Lee Family Reunion 2018

Letter To The Family

Dear Lee Family Members,

The Lee Family welcomes you to the official page for the Lee Family Reunion! Save the Date for July 6-8, 2018! As we are currently in the planning process for the 2018 Lee Family Reunion, there are a great amount of festivities and fun events planned for the family to engage in during this weekend.

The committee leaders on behalf of the reunion planning are listed: Staci Winn (Chairperson-California), Cherica Gellington (Chairperson-Texas), Vawnika Walker (Co-Chairperson-Texas),  Porshia Garvin (Co-Chairs), Phyllis Lawson (Secretary), Mary Gaddis (Assistant Secretary). They've all come together with other members to properly plan and discuss the itinerary for the family.

As we kick off this splendid weekend, let us remember the meaning of family values, traditions, and history and reason for family gatherings such as reunions and take a moment to remember how it all began. This will also be a great opportunity to introduce our younger generations to the different branches of our family.

The weekend will start on Friday with hotel check-in as we allow distant relatives time to get comfortable and settled into their hotels before commencing with the Meet and Greet that evening.  Saturday, we will kick off the festivities with the Family Picnic and BBQ. Food, basketball, card games, water activities and a DJ are just a few of the extracurricular activities that will be included in this full day of family and fun. We will start our Sunday morning with church services for all who would like to attend and a “Black and White Ball” that evening where we will have a night filled with more family fun. The wrapping up of a fun filled weekend will end on Monday with hotel check-out and saying our farewells and goodbyes.

So, as a family, it is our duty to become reunited and celebrate our family legacy and continue to past it on for future generations. This year's theme will be "Reuniting the Past and Shaping the Future." Our colors will be ‘Purple, White and Grey. All in all, this will be a great reunion. We look forward to seeing you all there.

- Reunion Planning Committee

"Reuniting the Past While

Shaping the Future"

Lee Family Texarkana

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